Te nombro en nombre de todo Por tu nombre verdadero Te nombre cuando oscurece cuando nadie me ve. Por los dientes apretados. Por los pueblos conquistados. Al que se mata en la mina lo entierra el mismo carbón. Por el pez en la pecera. For the tortured body For the pruned trees Of my friend who doesn’t sing, For the tortured bodies I call your name, Freedom.

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I call your name, Freedom. For my friend, who is in prison because he said what he thinks. La guerra que tanto temen no viene del extranjero; son luchas de proletarios como los bravos mineros. Por la gente sin salida Por la gente sometida Libertaad los sueños atrapados. The song made it to the final round with the maximum number of votes but failed at the last minute.

Canción de soldados (o Dicen que la patria es)

So the woman I loved embodied a desire that was greater than her. The Argentina Society of Broadcasters threatened to sue him for slander and libel though, in the end, the threat did not materialize, but Pagliaro was blacklisted and his song banned from the radio stations.

Excluir playlist Cancelar Guardar. Por la gente sin salida Por la gente sometida Por los sueños atrapados. For the persecuted qulapayun.

Iglesia Descalza: Yo Te Nombro: The story of a song

Friday, January 7, Yo Te Nombro: I’ve been singing Nacha’s version of «Yo te nombro» for years. An English translation thereof can be found here. Newer Post Older Post Home.


For the knot in the throat. In September, it was published a third time out of London in the Gaullist publication La France libre and thousand of copies were dropped by parachute by the Royal Air Force over occupied France. Yo te nombro, Libertad. Garza January 21, at 1: Quién puede escuchar esta lista Tee Solo yo. For the contained rage. For your footsteps that they watch.

Por la idea perseguida. Al que se mata en la mina lo llevan dos compañeros, dolor de carbón de piedra, luto de bravos mineros. Guevara stated in her album notes that the song was inspired by Paul Eluard’s poem. Ojala lo sepas, tengo muchas canciones en mp3 pero no se como pegarlas en una lista en mi blog gracias, Pachi.

Te nombro, en nombre de todos, por tu nombre verdadero. I knew it was based on T poem, but you did a great research here.

yo te nombro libertad quilapayun mp3

Por el verso censurado Por el joven qulapayun. Te nombro en nombre de todo Por tu nombre verdadero Te nombre cuando oscurece cuando nadie me ve. The cantata was not premiered until after the war. I was listening to «Yo Te Nombro», the version made famous by Argentine singer Bombro Guevaraon my Lihertad player this morning and wondering about the origins of this inspiring song about freedom.


For my bombro, who is in prison liberad he said what he thinks. Por el verso censurado.

Musica de Yo Te Nombro Libertad Savia Nueva, Escuchar y Bajar Totalmente Gratis

Dicen que la patria es un fusil y una bandera. You can find the Turkish lyrics to this song here, where we also got the following English translation, which we cleaned up a little: For the quulapayun bird.

Hols abuelo francis, gracias por tu comentario, recien empece este blog y estoy tratando de subir unas canciones que he recopilado del ano del cuete. For the young exile. The lyrics were written by an Italian songwriter based in Argentina, Gian Franco Pagliaro inbased on a poem «Liberté» written by Paul Éluard, one of the famous poets of the French Resistance, a member of the Communist Party and of the Surrealist school of French literature.

yo te nombro libertad quilapayun mp3

I guess freedom is not exclusive a left or right, but a superior good. Turns out that it is a derivative work.

yo te nombro libertad quilapayun mp3

Un beso grande para quiapayun.